Sponsorships | United States

Funding to organizations, institutions, and other entities acting on their behalf to support congresses, events or other initiatives in exchange for tangible corporate benefits such as exhibit space, banners and other forms of recognition, or marketing opportunities.



Areas of Interest

Biogen considers requests across a variety of disease and focus areas, including, but not limited to: Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Biosimilars, Chemistry, Drug Development, Fibrosis, Lupus, Lymphoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Myotonic Dystrophy, Neuropathic Pain, Neuropsychiatry, Ophthalmology, Parkinson’s Disease, Pharmacology, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Stroke, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and other Neurological disease areas.

How to Apply

Sponsorship requests for congresses, events, or other initiatives will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Requests must be submitted 50 days in advance of when a funding decision is needed by the organization. Biogen reserves the right to decline any applications not adhering to the deadline.

Funding Requirements

Sponsorship requests must clearly identify the tangible benefit offered to Biogen and the value of the tangible benefit must be reasonable and generally consistent with norms for comparable events or benefits. The sponsorship opportunity must be generally and genuinely available to other potential sponsors.

Funding Restrictions & Limitations

To avoid the appearance of lack of independence of our applicants, Biogen will review the organization’s annual operating expenses against the level of individual and aggregate funding provided to an organization on a rolling twelve (12) month basis.

Sponsorships whose sole purpose is to fund an organization’s general operating costs, routine business expenses, or capital costs (infrastructure), or political or lobbying activities are not eligible for funding.

Review Process and Decision

Sponsorship requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Requests must be submitted 50 days in advance of when a funding decision is needed by the organization.

Biogen’s approval is based on several criteria including, but not limited to, our funding availability, areas of interest alignment, the event details and agenda, and the region/geographic location where the event is taking place.

In all cases, Biogen notifies applicants of our decision by email. Notification of decision shall only be communicated by the Grants Management & Strategic Giving Office and no other Biogen staff member is authorized to approve or decline requests. We receive many qualified and deserving applications and regret that we cannot fund all of them. All applications receive a fair review, and we encourage organizations to reapply for future programs and initiatives.


All recipient organizations must abide by the terms and conditions as outlined in the Biogen Letter of Agreement (LOA), which is issued electronically to an authorized signatory of the organization once the application is approved. The organization must agree to the terms of the LOA before the start date. Payment will be issued upon execution of the LOA.

Project / Program Execution

If the scope of an approved activity changes, organizations must submit such changes to sponsorships@biogen.com in advance of the start date. Biogen will review the scope changes and assess whether funding for the activity should continue.


Within 90 days of the request end date, recipient organizations must complete a reconciliation confirming receipt of funds and attesting that Biogen received the tangible benefits described in the request and LOA.

An organization’s failure to appropriately submit a reconciliation by the due date may delay or prohibit future funding of applications.