Funding for training programs created by medical schools, academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, or other healthcare-related organizations to support faculty and visiting scholars to advance their educational and research activities.

Through our Fellowship Program, Biogen supports the education and development of future specialists in therapeutic areas with unmet need. Our goal is to advance the care of patients in these areas by providing support to qualified organizations with robust and comprehensive clinical training programs in these specialty fields.



Areas of Interest

Biogen considers requests to support Clinical Fellowship Programs in Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

We look for programs that:

  • Focus on building the clinical skills of the specialist
  • Provide a robust and comprehensive clinical program that will enable a fellow to demonstrate the skills and competencies learned during the program
  • Provide an environment conducive to educating fellows in each of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competency areas, which are:
    • Patient Care
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
    • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    • Professionalism
    • System-Based Practice
  • Utilize qualified faculty who devote sufficient time to the educational program to fulfill their supervisory and teaching responsibilities and demonstrate a strong interest in the education of fellow(s)
  • Provide training using multi-disciplinary teams
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, guidelines, and policies

Application Submission Cycles

Requests for fellowships are accepted and reviewed annually in the year prior to the actual fellowship period. The fellowship application submission cycle will be open during the summer of 2021. Please check back in February for the updated dates.

Application Requirements and Organization Eligibility

To be considered for a fellowship, the following criteria must be met:

  • Fellowship request must be unsolicited
  • Fellowship request must not provide tangible benefit to Biogen
  • Fellowship request must be submitted for a future program
  • Funding from other pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, in addition to Biogen, to support the program is preferred (e.g. multiple sources of funding)
  • Funds are not granted to directly or indirectly encourage recipients to purchase or prescribe Biogen's products or services
  • Funding is permitted to qualified U.S. based academic or accredited medical institutions only; fellowship funding from Biogen will not be given directly to individual fellows
  • Fellowship request should not disclose the name of the fellow in the application
  • Requesting organization must be registered for more than 2 years
  • Requesting organization must confirm receipt of payment and verify how funds were used for all previous Biogen supported activities
  • Requesting organization and fellowship request must be in full compliance with all regional and local codes, laws and industry regulations, including, but not limited to anti-corruption, transparency and privacy laws and regulations.
  • Fellowship award may not be renewed for a fellow previously selected by the organization using Biogen funds

Biogen will conduct appropriate due diligence on all requesting organizations and fellowship requests.

Biogen reserves the right to deny any fellowship request that does not meet application and eligibility requirements.

Biogen must not provide any substantive input or assistance to a requesting organization in drafting or submitting a grant request.

Biogen must not be involved in the selection of the fellow.

Biogen may modify the fellowship application and eligibility requirements of the Grants Program at any time.

Funding Qualifications

Biogen may award up to $90,000 per academic year. Fellowships are awarded to directly support fellows’ salaries and limited fringe benefits, in line with fair market value and local standards. Awarded funds may not be used to defray the organization’s operating expenses or to fund activities that are conducted for the organization’s operational purposes.

The fellowship candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States. Fellowship candidates with temporary nonimmigrant visa categories are not eligible.
  • Have been accepted by a sponsor who is a full-time faculty member of the requesting organization
  • Not hold a full-time, tenure-track faculty position or its equivalent during the first year of the fellowship
  • Minimum qualifications
    • Be U.S. Board certified or Board eligible in Neurology
    • Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Fellowship candidates must hold a MD, DO, NP-BC or PA-C license in good standing
    • Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Fellowship candidates must hold an active MD, DO license in good standing

Review Process

Funding decisions for fellowships are made through a formal, centralized review and decision-making process.

To confirm Biogen’s independence from the requesting organization, the annual operating costs (total reportable expenses) of the organization are reviewed. The annual operating costs, which must be from either of the last 2 fiscal years, will be compared to the total funding provided to the requesting organization by Biogen on a rolling twelve (12) month-basis.

Decisions and Communications

The quality of the proposal, alignment with Biogen’s grants strategy and budget availability are all considered when making funding decisions. Decision notifications will be communicated in writing by the Grants Management & Strategic Giving Office. No other Biogen employee is authorized to provide this information

Contracting and Payment

All recipient organizations must abide by the terms and conditions as outlined in the Biogen Letter of Agreement (LOA)/contract. The LOA/contract is issued electronically to an authorized signatory of the organization once an application is approved. A fully executed LOA/contract is required prior to the start of the program.

Payment will be issued upon execution of the LOA/contract and the organization’s submission of the required fellow information.

Program Execution

Changes to an awarded fellowship, must be reviewed and approved by Biogen prior to the start of the program. Organizations must submit the proposed changes to grantsandgiving@biogen.com and Biogen will review to determine whether funding may continue.


Once the fellowship concludes, a reconciliation must be completed by the recipient organization. The reconciliation confirms:

  • Receipt of payment
  • Funding used appropriately, as described in the letter of agreement/contract
  • Fellowship objectives were achieved
  • Fellow’s experience

This reconciliation must be completed and returned to the Grants Management & Strategic Giving Office within 90 days of the program end date. After 90 days, the reconciliation is considered overdue. Recipient organizations are not eligible to receive new funding until all overdue reconciliations are submitted and approved.


Biogen adheres to global transparency and disclosure reporting obligations in accordance with local regulations.