Requests for Fellowships are accepted and reviewed annually in the year prior to the actual Fellowship period. Fellowship applications will be accepted from June 1 through July 15, 2018, with decisions to be communicated on August 31, 2018.

New quarterly open submission windows for grants and donations

We have transitioned to a cyclical approach for grant and donation requests and will review all applications on a quarterly basis. Each cycle will have a 30-day open submission period for grants and donations. After the 30 days, Biogen will review and approve or decline applications through a committee-based structure.  

Submission cycle Decisions communicated by:
January 15 - February 15 March 30
April 15 - May 15 June 30
July 15 - August 15 September 30
October 1 - November 1 January 5


Sponsorships will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis and must be received 60 days in advance of a decision needed by date for events and congresses and 45 days for exhibits.

New website

In an effort to provide more relevant, meaningful and accessible information to our external applicants, we have launched a new website that provides more detailed content regarding the process and requirements for applying for and receiving support from Biogen.

New mailbox

We want to hear from you! We welcome your feedback, questions and comments in our new mailbox: grantsandgiving@biogen.com.