Through its Fellowships Program, Biogen supports the education and development of future specialists in therapeutic areas with unmet need. Our goal is to advance the care of patients in these areas by providing support to qualified organizations with robust and comprehensive clinical training programs in these specialty fields.

  • Areas of Interest

    Biogen considers requests to support Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromuscular Clinical Fellowship Programs.

    We look for programs that:

    • Focus on building the clinical skills of the specialist
    • Provide a robust and comprehensive clinical program that will enable a fellow to demonstrate the skills and competencies learned during the program
    • Provide an environment conducive to educating fellows in each of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competency areas, which are:
      • Patient Care
      • Medical Knowledge
      • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
      • Interpersonal Communication Skills
      • Professionalism
      • System-Based Practice
    • Utilize qualified faculty who devote sufficient time to the educational program to fulfill their supervisory and teaching responsibilities and demonstrate a strong interest in the education of fellow(s)
    • Provide training using multi-disciplinary teams
    • Adhere to all applicable regulations, guidelines, and policies
  • How to Apply

    Requests for Fellowships are accepted and reviewed annually in the year prior to the actual Fellowship period. The Fellowship application submission cycle will open during the winter of 2020. Please check back in January for the finalized dates.  

  • Funding Requirements

    Fellowship requests must be submitted by a qualified U.S. based academic or accredited medical institution. Funding for these requests must be provided without agreement or intent to receive a tangible benefit in exchange and they must not be given for promotional purposes.

    Biogen may award up to $90,000 per academic year. The award is to support the fellow’s salary and limited fringe benefits and may not be used to defray the organization’s operating expenses or to fund activities that are conducted for the organization’s operational purposes.

  • Funding Restrictions & Limitations

    To avoid the appearance of lack of independence of our applicants, Biogen will review the organization’s annual operating expenses against the level of individual and aggregate funding provided to an organization on a rolling twelve (12) month basis.

    In addition, the fellowship candidate must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States. Fellowship candidates with temporary nonimmigrant visa categories are not eligible
    • Have been accepted by a sponsor who is a full-time faculty member of the Applicant’s institution
    • Not hold a full-time, tenure-track faculty position or its equivalent during the first year of the Fellowship
    • Minimum qualifications
      • Be U.S. Board certified or Board eligible in Neurology
      • Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Fellowship candidates must hold a MD, DO, NP-BC or PA-C license in good standing
      • Neuromuscular Clinical Fellowship candidates must hold an active MD, DO license in good standing
  • Review Process and Decision

    Funding decisions for fellowships are made through a formal, centralized grant review and decision-making process. Approvals depend on available funding, the volume of requests, and quality of applications.  The Review Committee may request additional detail or clarification of the fellowship application prior to the final funding decision.

    In all cases, Biogen notifies applicants of our decision by email.  Notification of decision shall only be communicated by the Grants Management & Strategic Giving Office and no other Biogen staff member is authorized to approve or decline requests.

  • Program Execution

    If the scope of an approved Fellowship changes, organizations must submit such changes to grantsandgiving@biogen.com. Biogen will review the scope changes and assess whether funding for the Fellowship should continue.

  • Contracting

    All recipient organizations must abide by the terms and conditions as outlined in the Biogen Letter of Agreement (LOA), which is issued electronically to an authorized signatory of the organization once the application is approved. The organization must agree to the terms of the LOA before the program start date. Payment will be issued upon execution of the LOA and receipt of the fellowship candidate’s required information.

  • Reconciliation

    Within 90 days of the program end date, recipient organizations must complete a reconciliation confirming receipt of funds and attesting that they were used for the purposes described in the LOA. The reconciliation will be assessed against the approved use of funding.

    An organization’s failure to appropiately submit a reconciliation by the due date may delay or prohibit future funding of applications.

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